The Vision

Here at the Eco Villa, we have been mindful to ensure that we have made sustainable choices in the planning and rebuild of the property. Here are some of the approaches we have taken which make us eco-friendly...

Waste Reduction

Recycling and re-using materials from the property which were found in he re-build, up-cycling these components into many different features throughout the Villa (such as headboards, door frames, kitchen surfaces and cabinets)
Compost bin
Encouraging guests to recycle.
An edible garden. Growing your own produce, or buying locally, can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Saving

We have purchased a commercial washing machine, which drastically decreases the amount of water used when cleaning.
All windows that needed repairing have been upgraded to double glazing.
LED lightbulbs have been used throughout the house.
We have provided free bicycle hire to encourage alternative methods of transport.
Fully insulated property.
Hot water heat pumps have been installed

Water Saving

Greywater re-use
The commercial washing machine, which runs on a one minute cycle.

Our Ethos