Resourceful ōtautahi Walking Tour


Join a member of Rekindle for a walk through ever-changing central Christchurch and discover Ōtautahi's long history of resourcefulness - or making what we need from what we have around us - as we share stories and explore examples.

Central Christchurch is an area where making space for resourcefulness and community remains essential.Rekindle, a social enterprise focused on transforming local materials through skill-sharing and craft, will take you on a city-wide introduction to resourcefulness, which is beneficial to the wellbeing of people and planet, and connects people to each other and place.

From the large to small scale, from mahinga kai to Gap Filler, from old traditions to recent initiatives, we will look at creative and innovative examples, those that make use of the collective knowledge of our people and celebrate our diversity (from public art and spaces to Margaret Mahy playground), and those that look after our natural resources, cultural heritage, and unique ecosystems and threading all of this into the building of our city.

The tour finishes with a hands-on craft element using local materials. We will transform undervalued local resources - ti kouka cabbage tree leaves - through skill sharing and craft, and tell you a bit about what we do at Rekindle.