Chocolate is good for you!

With Oonagh Browne, She Universe’s Master Chocolatier

Oonagh SHE Universe Chocolatier Eco Villa Workshop

About Oonagh

Oonagh Browne left her life behind as a project manager in London in search of a life that was whole. This journey took her across the world and during this time she discovered a passion and talent for all things chocolate. This passion burned and when she moved to New Zealand to be a part of the She Universe team, she of course brought her passion for chocolate with her. Her passion continued to grow as an art form and is expressed in her incredible chocolates.

Decadent Chocolate Workshop

Oonagh’s passion for chocolate is contagious, in her workshop you will learn about the history of chocolate and discover the ancient wisdom of Cacao, learn how to taste it fully and enjoy it daily in many ways. Discover how to prepare homemade cacao for smoothies, nourishing hot drinks, baking and face masks!

And of course you will get to sample some of the incredible handmade chocolates she makes. Ultimately you will fall back in love with all things chocolate because after all Chocolate is good for us!

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